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The Science Behind

Belly Button Healing

Healthy Gut

A Gentle Massage

Belly Button Healing massages the vital organs of the gastrointestinal tract, which can remove excess waste lodged in the ridges of the intestines acting as harmful toxins. Detoxifying the gut is the most crucial step in sustainably detoxifying from the inside out.


Common sense tells us to massage our body parts such as our arms, legs, shoulders, and neck when we feel toxic build up in our muscles… Massaging the intestines is no different! Everyday we expose our intestines to large amounts of toxins through our modern-day diet and farming practices, so they need our help in eliminating them quickly!

This is where Belly Button Healing comes in to act as an internal workout and massage for the gut

How Does It Work?

The belly button sits directly on top of the small intestine, which is responsible for food breakdown and nutrient absorption.

A healthy small intestine is soft and supple, however, daily factors such as stress and toxins make our small intestine stiff and unable to perform efficiently. A typical modern-day lifestyle of sitting for many hours each day and not getting enough exercise slows down the natural process of digestion and piles up toxins inside that we do not need. This causes a deluge of digestive problems such as irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, diarrhoea and digestive pain.

By stimulating the small intestine, Belly Button Healing activates sensory neurones that respond to the stretch and movement. Imagine this as being like giving a little nudge to someone who’s fallen asleep to wake them up.

The message then goes to the brain via a super highway called the vagus nerve, and the brain in turn sends orders back to the small intestine to start moving. The momentum created by Belly Button Healing allows key nutrients to be absorbed by the small intestine into the bloodstream, resulting in a well-nourished body. Not only that, through this process, food is also broken down  for the large intestine to eliminate waste easily for excellent bowel movement.

Gut Microbes In Digestion

One immediate effect of Belly Button Healing is heat forming in the abdomen area. The small intestine houses good bacteria in the gut, which flourish only when the gut is warm. Belly Button Healing naturally creates heat through a repeated pumping motion, which provides the perfect environment for the good bacteria to flourish and digest food whilst overshadowing the bad bacteria that damage the intestines.


The Belly Button Healing tool makes doing regular Belly Button Healing easy and effective. Its ergonomic design and different sized points allow you to massage and stimulate the gut through the belly button at varied pressures comfortably.

Belly Button Healing is a new NATURAL and DRUG-FREE HEALING TECHNIQUE that takes advantage of breakthroughs in both Eastern and Western medicine traditions.

Healthy Gut
Stress Relief
Natural Stress Relief

“Rest-and-Digest” via the Vagus Nerve

The vagus nerve is the super highway nerve that connects the stomach, small intestine, liver, kidneys, lung, heart and other vital organs directly to the brain. Your body is a complex organism that works together as one, so triggering the vagus nerve in one area will send signals to other organs — especially the brain.


The belly button has the thinnest layer of muscle between the inner vagus nerve and outside contact compared to all other areas that are linked to this important highway of nerves. This means that the belly button is the most effective place to cause a rippling effect on the vagus nerve. In other words, the belly button is the most accessible place to communicate directly with the brain.


Stimulating the vagus nerve under the belly button activates the parasympathetic “rest-and-digest” nervous system. This produces calming effects on the body, which makes muscles relax, and normalises hyperactivity in the emotional layer of the brain.

The Belly Button Healing wand was designed to stimulate the belly button to relieve stress in a simple and easy-to-follow way. Its unique shape allows you to stimulate the vagus nerve through the belly button to communicate directly with the brain without much effort or strain at all.


Many scientists agree that most of today's modern diseases are caused by stress to some degree. There are many factors in our lives that cause our bodies to overproduce stress hormones such as in the office with co-workers, at home with children, or in the car stuck in traffic with a road full of frustrating drivers.


By stimulating the vagus nerve under the belly button, Belly Button Healing strengthens a “mental brake” response we have in the area of our brain behind the forehead that cools down the emotional brain. This gives us more emotional self-control and reduces the mental effects of stress such as overthinking. Hyperactivity of this brake is what gives us headaches and makes us feel “hot headed” when we are too stressed out!

Gut Microbes in Mood Regulation

Scientists are finding increasing evidence that the microbes that live in the gut determine our mental well-being and mood by communicating directly with the vagus nerve. Microbes in the gut secrete a load of chemicals that are not just for digestion.


It might come as a surprise to most that a staggering 95% of the body’s serotonin (the body's happiness hormone) is produced by the gut while a mere 5% is produced by the central nervous system. Additionally, 50% of the body’s dopamine (the body's pleasure and reward hormone) is produced by the gut as well. These chemicals are used by the neurones in the gut to communicate and regulate mood. More healthy microbes leads to a healthier mental state, while low levels of healthy microbes leads to anxiety, depression, and stress.


One immediate effect of Belly Button Healing is to form heat in the abdomen. Good bacteria in the gut flourish only when the gut is warm. Belly Button Healing naturally creates heat through its repeated pumping motion, providing the perfect environment for the good bacteria to flourish and contribute to mood regulation while overshadowing the bad bacteria that grow.




Pain Relief

The Pain-Stress Cycle

Pain refers to any discomfort we feel in the body such as back and joint aches, headaches, pains in the feet and so on. Chronic pain is the result of the buildup of daily stresses that manifests in the body. Chronic pain causes a continued stress response, this causes physical and emotional responses to that stress, this then circles back to chronic pain.

Relaxing Pain Muscles via the Vagus Nerve

Belly Button Healing directly stimulates the vagus nerve through the small intestine under the belly button. The vagus nerve activates the parasympathetic nervous system, this triggers the “rest-and-digest” mode of the body.


The “rest-and-digest” characteristic of the parasympathetic nervous system causes the muscles around the stress point to naturally relax, releasing the pain held in the body.


Belly Button Healing’s stimulation of the vagus nerve to activate the parasympathetic nervous system reduces pain, this reduces the stress along with the emotional and physical reactions to the stress.

Stimulating The Fascia

Pumping the abdomen through Belly Button Healing stimulates the fascial tissue under the abdominal wall which holds the muscles and organs together. Fascia is a connection like a spiders web, it exists throughout the entire body, stimulating one part of the fascia causes a rippling effect on all fascia.


Belly Button Healing using the Healing wand easily triggers this fascia to heal, repair, and regenerate. Gentle abdominal massaging induces the fascia and vagus nerve, kickstarting the parasympathetic nervous system, relaxing the muscles, allowing for natural pain relief.


Healing the fascia impacts on the nervous system, relaxing pain and restoring homeostasis, the natural balance in the body. Some might feel more pain once they start Belly Button Healing. However, this is part of the natural process of healing, bringing the pain to the surface to then let it go.

Eight Reflexology Points

The belly button can be divided into eight sections, each corresponds to a different body part in accordance with reflexology. Based on Eastern Medicine, stimulating the navel in these specific directions causes release in the corresponding body parts. The Belly Button Healing wand is the easiest and most accessible way to reach the reflexology points in the belly button.

You can use the Belly Button Healing wand and push down on each point to see which part feels more painful. Once you’ve found a pain point, you can use the wand to gently stimulate that point while breathing mindfully to release the pain in that area and its corresponding body part.

Pain Relief
Energy Boost

Acupressure Point of the Belly Button

For thousands of years Eastern medicine has known the importance of the Belly Button as an acupressure point. In fact, stimulating the belly button was used to revive someone in emergency treatment when a person suddenly lost consciousness or collapsed due to high blood pressure or stroke.


Your belly button is more than just a scar left over from birth. It is a very important acupressure point in recovering health and vitality. All life starts in the Belly Button and is received and transferred by the embryo via the umbilical cord in the mother’s womb.

Increasing Blood Circulation

A fascinating study reported in the Los Angeles Times and The Washington Post shows the effectiveness of stimulating the abdomen. Researchers from St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Centre in Paterson, NJ provided treatment for resuscitating 103 emergency patients whose breathing was gradually stopping. Two kinds of treatment were used: one was the conventional method of CPR on the chest; the other involved abdominal compressions in addition to traditional CPR. Amazingly the recovery rate with the chest-CPR was no more than 7%, while the recovery rate with the abdominal compressions was more than triple that at a surprising 25%.


So, how does it work? Your gut holds one third of your entire body’s blood supply. Applying a pumping pressure to your abdomen through the Belly Button circulates the blood collected there, moving it to your vital organs and throughout your entire body from head to toe. Regular blood circulation is the key to revitalised energy.

Pressing on the belly button will help your body recover vigour and warmth, especially helpful when when you lack vitality or are feeling the afternoon slump,

Creating a Warm Abdomen

The Belly Button is your body’s “reset button,” and the energetic gate to your gut. Energy needs to be flowing constantly and freely in our bodies; when toxins and stagnation build up due to stiffness or stress the energetic flow and balance of the body becomes disrupted.


Checking whether a person's abdomen is warm or cold, soft or hard identifies the health of a person. People who lack vitality and who have health problems often have cold bellies and stiff intestines.


When our body temperature is low, our blood circulation, metabolism, and detoxification functions lower and our immunity drops. When our Belly is cold we easily gain abdominal fat due to waste products not being readily processed, creating an environment in which fat can easily accumulate. However, if we keep a warm belly through Belly Button Healing, we can lose weight more easily.


We can raise our body temperature through exercise. But for people whose level of basic fitness is low their body temperature can drop after exercising for some time. Also, exercising too much consumes basic energy, this can have the opposite effect. Therefore, we need to exercise in a way that’s right for our own condition.


The Belly Button Healing wand makes Belly Button Healing for boosting energy easy and effective. The ergonomic design and different sized points allow you to stimulate the gut deeply and gently through the navel, using the pressure that is right for your body’s needs and condition. By using the tool with regular and mindful stimulation, this alternative healing method is very effective for renewed health.

Energy Boost
Body Temperature

Changing Your Body Temperature with Belly Button Healing

In Eastern medicine, it is recommended to have heat in the abdomen, rather than the head. This allows for clearer thinking and promotes greater health in the vital organs. This is what Belly Button Healing does, releasing the heat in the head by creating heat in the abdomen.


You may have heard the term “hot headed” to describe someone who has a temper or becomes easily frustrated. Their body heat is literally gathered in their head, making it hard for them to think and navigate through the waves of their emotions.


We wanted to see, scientifically, what was happening.

In an experiment with six women and three men aged 30-50, all performed Belly Button Healing and then measured their body heat with a Digital Infrared Imaging System (IRIS-5000 from MEDICORE).

The Experiment

The experiment structure was as follows:
Rest (5 min) → check resting body temperature (5 min) → Belly Button Healing flow exercise (27 min) → Break (5 min) → check body temperature (5 min)

Belly Button Healing flow exercises consists of 3 rounds of Belly Button Healing (7min/each) then Belly Button Healing Breathing technique (2min) between each round.

As you can see in the images below, the abdomen grows much warmer while the entire body experiences a more evenly distributed temperature.

This study was conducted by Korea Brain Science Institute, Brain Training Center, and BR Acupressure Clinic.

These Results Show the Following

  • Improved circulation around the belly button, small intestines, large intestines, as well as the stomach.

  • Improved circulation of arms, hands and legs.

  • Less heat in the head and upper body.

  • Increased heat in the abdomen and lower body, helping to relieve upper body tension.

Changes in Body Temperature
The Effect on Brain Waves

The Interactive Stroop Effect Experiment

The Stroop Effect is defined as “a demonstration of interference in the reaction time of a task. When the name of a colour (e.g., “blue”, “green”, or “red”) is printed in a colour that is not denoted by the name (e.g., the word “red” printed in blue ink instead of red ink), naming the colour of the word takes longer and is more prone to errors than when the colour or of the ink matches the name of the colour.”

  • The Goal of the Experiment: To measure how 5 minutes of Belly Button Healing affects stress management, cognitive ability, as well as brain waves.

  • The Details: 19 Students (16-19 years old) practiced Belly Button Healing for 2 weeks before the experiment. Their response time, accuracy, efficiency, and stress level were measured using an EEG (electroencephalograph) signal through bandpass filter (3-40HZ).

       What was measured:

1. Alpha Waves (8-13Hz): The relaxed mental state when eyes are closed and mind is at rest but not tired or asleep.
2. SMR (Sensorimotor rhythm,12-15Hz): Alert, attentive state coupled with calm or silent motor activities.
3. Beta Waves (13-30Hz): Active, busy or anxious thinking and active concentration.
4. Middle-Beta Waves (15-20Hz): Imply stress, excessive concentration, and anger.
5. High-Beta Waves (20-30Hz): Predominate during learning while in an arousal state or when concentrating on certain events.
6. Gamma Waves (30-40Hz): Increased mental activity/cognitive enhancement, freedom from distractibility, high levels of info-processing.

The brainwave power was evaluated through the students’ t-test – which assesses whether the means of two groups are statistically different from each other.

  • • The Process of the Experiment: The experiment was performed for 1 hour on each student in the following order:
    Normal state (1 min.) → Relaxation (1 min.) → Stroop Test (60 words) → Belly Button Healing (5 min.) → Rest (1 min.) → Alert state (1 min.) → Calm state (1 min.) → Stroop Test (60 words)

Yellow  Red  Blue  Green

These Results Show the Following

Before BBH, students took an average of 123 seconds to complete the task. But after BBH, the task took an average 112 seconds, reducing in 11 seconds. 

It was determined that because of Belly Button Healing, the students performed the task more efficiently.

After BBH the Beta wave decreased.

The graph below shows an experiment in which the brainwave frequencies of a subject live in front of a crowd were tested. The first two minutes (blue section), the subject listens to a speaker talk, and the next two minutes (red section) the subject performs Belly Button Healing. 


The First Two Minutes (blue)

  • Brainwaves are high. Subject is nervous and shows high stress levels. 

  • Majority of thinking is in the left brain hemisphere, meaning the subject is mostly analysing and calculating. 

  • Shows difficulty concentrating.

Doing Belly Button Healing (red)

  • Belly Button Healing regulates and reduces the subject's brainwaves. 

  • The right and left brain functions level out, meaning the subject reduces the analytical and calculating functions of the brain. 

  • The subject increases concentration and decreases stress.

Brain Waves
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